Friday, 27 June 2014

Humilty in the Entertainment Industry

On my way to sort out some academic transactions, some female youth corp members got into the bus I was in and they spent the whole ride discussing the entertainment industry. They started with the Wanted Video by Tiwa Savage which I will rather not disclose their thoughts on the blog. All I will say to Tiwa is, these girls really do like you but they are quite disappointed with the video. Whether I agree or not is not important, right? What I am more interested in is their discuss on humility among Nigerian entertainers.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Tips To Avoid Gaining Extra Weight

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Summer has set in though looking at the weather conditions of other countries that claim summer at this time of the year, I am not certain if we should join them in saying summer since our weather at this time differs. Whatever the case may be, we have come to accept it as the right terminology for this time of the year and one thing is almost certain, alot of people fix their holidays for this time of the year.
While on vacation, we tend to be so relaxed which is the reason for the vacation but, living a lifestyle that makes you add extra pounds to your weight shouldn't be encouraged especially if you really do not want that to happen. To ensure that doesn't happen, find some tips as shared by Tara Zimliki, who is a trainer and nutritionist, in her article, 7 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain While on Vacation. I did summarize the article though.

Monday, 16 June 2014

3 Nigerians Emerge Winners Of The Instacomp

The Instacomp has come to an end. The competition which started a few months ago and had thousands of Make Up Artistes entering for the competition was indeed a global one. 25 MUAs got into the finals of the competition and as Buntricia said on her instgram page, 'It was a ride'.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Montaigne Place Launches The Viva La Juicy

On Saturday, the 14th of June, 2014, The Montaigne Place hosted a number of guests at their store at The Palms Shopping Mall Lekki. This was to launch a new perfume from their Juicy Couture line, Viva La Juicy. It was an afternoon of scents, chops and champagne sponsored by the Lanson Champagne.

In the press kit released to the media, there is a paragraph that says, ' You may forget the time of the day, you may forget what the person was wearing, you may forget their name, but you most likely would not forget how the person smelt'. I agree with the last part of the sentence because, you may not even have any form of conversation with the person but just because the person stayed by you or passed by you, the scent or smell from that person lingers in your memory. The Juicy Couture recognises this and thus, captures hearts with its glamorous, flirtatious and confident style.

I got the opportunity to smell the Viva La Juicy and the Noir perfumes but I actually prefer the Viva La Juicy. So excited that I got the 100ml of the Viva La Juicy courtesy the Bobby Taylor Company. I cannot wait to start using it though sparingly so that it can last a while *lol*.

The Viva La Juicy is said to be inspired by a glamorous girl who is the life of the party. She is a fashionista who can give a trendy, modern edge to any classic look and creates a statement that is fresh and chic. Though a lover of beauty and femininity, she knows how to bend the rules and have some fun. Does that sound like you? Then, you should head to the nearest Montaigne Place and get yourself a bottle.

10 Ways To Spoil Your Dad on Father's Day

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We rarely ever celebrate our dads as most of the focus has shifted to empowering and liberating the women. At least, our dads get a day dedicated to celebrate their un-negotiable roles in our lives. Reality check: Without their sperm, our eggs won't get fertilized and thus, no babies will be formed. That was our creator's design.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Torn Between Fiction And Reality- 'Sex In The Corporate World'

Running to get the bus everyday dressed in skinny tights, bubble top and a leather jacket. I make
it up just in time before the bus leaves. I always wonder why I bother so much putting in so
much effort in making my way to school, 7 days a week, 8 hours a day and yet it feels like I’m
chasing the wind. A part of me says, “Hey, what’s the point? Let’s have fun till we get laid” while
the other half says, “hey, don’t forget to sign up on job sites and network”.
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